We’ve updated our website! Since the last update in 2012, we had stuck to fiddling with the text on the pages and adding some news from time to time. And in the pandemic, even that activity ground to a halt. But now, with an eye on the future, we’re back with some changes that will hopefully lead into a few other things that we have in mind.

Most importantly, we’ve finally included our “new” logo (which we’ve been using since 2016) and updated the cover photo (which was already over 10 years old 😱 ). Under the hood, we’ve moved from Drupal to WordPress, which means we finally have a website that adapts to a mobile screen:


Versión móvil de la web actualizada 2021

We’ve also cleaned up a few pages (Practice Schedule, for example) and included the latest pictures from our Instagram account (@q_mas_d) in the page footer.

And now what?

The plan is start working on the website again: add news posts, add pages with more information about the club and the sport, and maybe a little more. Check back soon to see what’s new!