Quijotes+Dulcineas Ultimate Madrid currently has several practices a week. Each practice has a specific objective: to train the competitive team, to teach club members and introduce new players to Ultimate Frisbee, or just to play some informal pickup with anyone and everyone. Check out the table below for practice times and details.

**NOTE: If you’d like to come play some time, please send us a message to confirm that the practice is still on as scheduled. See you on the field!

To play with us, you should plan on bringing:

  • Water
  • White shirt
  • Dark shirt

It’s also a good idea to bring a disc to warm up (if you have one) and some multi-surface cleats (all fields are artificial turf). ❗Please note: all of our fields are public, so we recommend that you avoid bringing valuables, and keeping watch of your belongings during practice.

Practice Schedule

Place Day Time Notes
Cocheras Mondays  21:00-23:00 Mixed (closed practice)
Cocheras Wednesdays  20:00-22:00 Mixed (closed practice)
Aluche Thursdays 20:15-22:15 Club members and beginners (open to everyone!) *

Updated 13 September 2023

* We have weekly open practices for new players (to the sport or to the team). Come play with us!

Maps to the fields


Artificial turf field in Parque Aluche, adjacent to the dirt football field. There’s a fence around the field, and a public restroom nearby, but no locker rooms. There’s plenty of parking on Calle Valmojado.
Metro Empalme (Line 5), Casa de Campo (Lines 5 y 10)
C/ de Valmojado, 90

Cocheras (https://goo.gl/maps/UheaPFZnpPfL1e8g6)

Artificial turf field with changing rooms. Hard to park on the street nearby, it’s best to park in the dirt parking lot on Av. de las Trece Rosas and walk down to the field on the dirt footpath.
Metro La Elipa (Line 2)
C/ San Lamberto, 21

Cocheras – Campo de Arriba (https://goo.gl/maps/936B8VdiTEMzyGbA6)

Artificial turf field with changing rooms. Plenty of parking in the adjacent dirt parking lot.
Metro La Elipa (Línea 2)
Av. de las Trece Rosas, 2

Césped Parque Manzanares (https://goo.gl/maps/PqvYqXCjYhdsHCSy9)

Natural grass in a public park. Use the official parking lot next to the A-4.
Metro Hospital 12 de Octubre (Line 3)
Cercanías Doce de Octubre (Line C5)

Cantarranas (http://goo.gl/maps/f2lUX)

Metro Ciudad Universitaria (Line 6)

Club Deportivo la Almudena (https://goo.gl/maps/VzTVDmdeo6t)

Metro La Almudena o Alsacia (Line 2)

Campo Fútbol Santander (https://goo.gl/maps/e6PYNPaK7hT9kw6h8)

Metro Cuatro Caminos o Guzmán el Bueno (Lines 1, 2, 6 y 7)

La Almudena (http://g.co/maps/r6e6y)

Metro Vicente Aleixandre (Line 6) – Salida Gregorio del Amo
C/ Ramiro de Maetzu, 2
C/ Camino de las Moreras, 3 (Aparcamiento)