Quijotes+Dulcineas is the oldest Ultimate Frisbee club in the Community of Madrid, and one of the largest in Spain with over 100 club members. The club is registered as Club Deportivo Elemental Ultimate Madrid.

The club competes in many championships and tournaments, both domestic and international, with various teams (Quijotes+Dulcineas, Quijotes, Dulcineas, Q+D Sancho) and in various divisions (Mixed, Open, Women’s) and surfaces (grass and beach). The club is a perennial contender at the Spanish Championship, is a four-time Mixed Spanish champion (2001, 2006, 2012, 2014), three-time title winner in Open (2014, 2015, 2023), dual champion in Women’s (2014, 2015), and has been on the podium in the three categories many more times. The club has also traveled to compete abroad in countries like Italy, France, Belgium, Portugal, and the Netherlands, and individual players have traveled to many other countries playing with other teams or as members of the Spanish National Team.

The club’s core philosophy has three focuses: to prepare and compete at the highest level as a team, to provide direction and a space for our players to develop individually, and to promote the sport of Ultimate in the Community of Madrid. And of course, we want to have fun and meet awesome new people!

We’re always looking for new players (new to the sport or new to the team), so if you’d like to come play, swing by a practice or get in touch with us – you won’t regret it!

History of Quijotes+Dulcineas

It all started way back before the turn of the millenium, in the year 1999, when a French erasmus student came to Madrid and decided to try a crazy idea: put together the first Ultimate Frisbee team in Madrid. Nico, who had only recently discovered the sport in his time at university in Grenoble (with the team Monkey Foo) started to put up posters and convince his friends to give it a try. So, almost without even realizing it, a group of disc addicts start to get together every weekend in Casa de Campo to play Ultimate. The time quickly arrived to choose a name for the team, and what better than “Los Quijotes” to describe this quixotic dream…

Many of those early pioneers are still around: some have retired completely, others still stop by to play every once in a while and some are still with the team (and aren’t planning on retiring any time soon!)

Since those early days, thousands of players from all over the world have come to Madrid to toss the disc with Los Quijotes. The club was crowned Spanish Mixed Champions in 2001, 2006, 2012 and 2014, and is one of the few clubs to have participated in each and every first-division Spanish championship. The club has also traveled throughout Europe, competing in some of the most important and prestigious tournaments on the continent, like Paganello, Windmill Windup, G-Spot, or the European Ultimate Championship Regional qualifiers.

In more recent times, the team has evolved, adding new club members and Ultimate players every year. The name of the club has also evolved to reflect the increasing focus on mixed competition: Quijotes+Dulcineas (Q+D). When we compete in Open or Women’s, the teams still use the names Quijotes or Dulcineas, and our development team has taken the name Q+D Sancho.

After more than 20 years, Ultimate Frisbee is no longer just a dream in the Community of Madrid: it has become a reality. The club has also hosted its own yearly international tournament since 2004, as well as organizing multiple Spanish Championships and even the 2019 European Masters Ultimate Championships – helping put Madrid on the Ultimate map for good!