First tournament back after a year and a half, and we excitedly made the trip north to the beaches of Catalonia.


The beach isn’t our home turf and it showed in the first match, where we struggled to get our timing down and to move efficiently on this strange surface. Even so, we managed a hard-fought victory against Pyrene. Then – a bit more accustomed to the sand – we scored two good victories against Garou and Spinners. The hard part came at the end of the day with a match against Sharks, a great beach team that beat us by bringing their A game and playing up to the moment. Still, it was a good chance to learn learn and improve for next time.

After four games, we finished Saturday second in the pool!


We started Sunday with energy and a tough game, Disctèrics. We couldn’t quite pull out a victory, but we put up a good fight. All that was left was the game for seventh place. The wind picked up for this match, leading to more complicated throwing conditions and longer points. In the end, though, we came out on top and finished in seventh place at Calafell Arena 2021.

Special mention to our women, Sara and Lorena, who played their first tournament with us (first of many, we hope!). A good tournament to start the season and keep learning. Up!

Game scores:
Q+D 13 – 11 Pyrene
Q+D 13 – 4 Garou
Q+D 13 – 7 Spinners
Q+D 6 – 13 Sharks
Q+D 7 – 13 Disctèrics
Q+D 9 – 4 Camaleones