Sancho 4-9 Murciélagos 

Sancho kicked off the 10th edition of the Abuela (Grandma) tournament with a first round game against Murciélagos. The team was running late and struggled to warm up as a unit. While Murciélagos used strong give and go handler motion and good offensive flow to score quickly, Sancho had a difficult time finding its rhythm and creating a fluid offense.

Sancho 4-7 Headless 

The second game of the day was against last year’s second place Abuela finalist, so Sancho knew they would be facing a tough opponent. Sancho began the game with an intensity that had been lacking in the Murciélagos game. Combining a good offensive flow and some clutch defenses, Sancho tied the game at 3-3. However, some long points plus errors near our end zone resulted in a win for Headless.

Sancho 8-4 Gentle 

In the last game of the day, Sancho utilized the dump-swing offense and made many defensive plays. The team had started to gel during the day, and everyone left the field happy with both the playing and the outcome of the game.


After the end of the ultimate games on Saturday, another round of fun was awaiting everyone: the Beer Race! The participants and spectators alike had a great time with the hijinks that the Abuela had conjured up. After all on-field activities had ended for the day, it was time to hit the showers and then on to the tournament dinner and party!!! Although the Abuela is always a success as an ultimate frisbee event, this year the tournament party stood out. Two bands, including our very own Q+D rockstars, Dump&Swing, played for an enthusiastic crowd.



Sancho 7-8 Cidbee 

Sancho began Sunday with another first round game. The Cidbee game was an intense and even match. Sancho played well and gained a three-point advantage, but Cidbee converted some key defenses near Sancho’s endzone and tied the game at 7s. In the end Sancho lost on universe point.

Sancho 5-9 Frisbillanas

After the close loss to Cidbee, Sancho began this game lacking energy and flow, and Frisbillanas scored three straight goals for a 3-0 start. By the second half of the game, Sancho had rallied, but despite some great plays, it was too late to change the course of the game which ended in Frisbillanas’s favor.


Although the team’s results were not what Sancho had hoped for, they had battled through five games, started off the spring season at home, and ended the weekend pumped up to play all the upcoming tournaments in the months to come.

Thank you to all the teams that came to Madrid to compete in the tournament and enjoy our favorite sport. It was a pleasure sharing the tenth edition of the Abuela tournament with all of you.

And, of course, thank you for calling the Abuela (Grandma) to let her know you got home safely from the tournament. You know how she worries.