On December 6, Spain’s nation Constitution holiday, Quijotes+Dulcineas Ultimate Frisbee Madrid hosted the friendly “UFeM – Ultimate Frisbee en Madrid” in the Madrileño neighbourhood Barrio del Pilar. With more than 55 players in attendance to enjoy the day, it was a huge success.

What better way to welcome the holidays than by organizing a day of Ultimate Frisbee here in our city! With a beautiful artificial grass field to play on and more than 30 Quijotes and Dulcineas ready to join in, we invited two other teams to get in on the fun: Cidbeerrería and Discatus. Although Q+D had planned to put together two teams, the sheer number of players who signed up forced the addition of another team, bringing the total to three: Aluche, Almudena and Cantarranas. The five teams played nonstop from 11:00h to 16:00h, with a slightly unusual format: 30 minute games, 90 seconds between points and ties allowed. The final results of the mini-tournament are available as a PDF (122kB).

The combination of fantastic December weather and a 100% Ultimate atmosphere were the key factors that made sure that everyone had an amazing time.

Up next… semis and finals of Liga de Madrid – Otoño 2012!